Posted on December 6th, 2012

Tonight marks the return of our favorite and wildest On-Air personality Mick LeBastard with his 1-hour "ALL THAT IS FAST" show entitled "A Lucy Nation". After a short hiatus and well deserved rest period, we are excited to see him return with full force! Mick will take us on a neck breaking hour-long ride with his mix of organized chaos (grind, PV, crust, HC) on it's regularly scheduled slot at 5 pst | 7 cst | 8 est tonight and every Thursday from here on out right before "Paranoize Radio", so don't miss the debut of the long awaited return of "A Lucy Nation".

Posted on November 26th, 2012

Luciana hails from Romania - Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca) as an independent artist which specializes in line drawings, paintings, crafts, and jewelry. She was amazing enough to design our forthcoming Core of Destruction Radio T-shirts and it seems she is always up to something! Her very unique style and passion for art comes through in each design as we will showcase here.

If you would like to contact her for art or crafts of this style please do so HERE or feel more than welcome to hit her up on Facebook. We would like to thank her and hope you all enjoy the new shirts! They can be scoped out on the Merch tab within the site.

Posted on October 31st, 2012

WEDNESDAY: November 7th, 2012 - 6 PST | 8 CST | 9 EST

Core of Destruction Radio presents: SNF RADIO - Episode III with Mike IX, which is due to go out Wednesday, November 7th. Mike will be playing his favorite bands, interviews, spoken word, as well as sharing stories about the tours he has been on with his many projects (Eyehategod | Outlaw Order | Arson Anthem | The Guilt Øf..). So, do not miss this special event!

"Disorder, Broken Thoughts and Failed Opportunities for Your Never Ending Annoying Society!!!"

Official Mike IX Website

Make sure to spread the word, 'cause  Mike IX + C.o.D Radio = A great fucking time! BRANG IT!

Posted on October 23rd, 2012

Core of Destruction Radio presents "Infernal Obliteration", which will go out every Tuesday evening ar 2 pst | 4 cst | 5 est. DJ Spitel debuts tonight on the station with her 3-hour set. A session solely dedicated to black metal to promote and support artists and their work.

Featuring the best of black metal underground from all over the globe.
covering all subgenres from raw, brutal, ambient, atmospheric, avant-garde, dsbm, pagan, viking, symphonic, melodic, to blackened death, and of course including blackened thrash for those kicks of adrenaline.

Bringing to you an atmospheric alchemy of sound to pique all your senses with it's infernal chaos, slaughtering destruction, darkness, desolation, coldness, dreaminess, among subjects of folklore & myhtology, nature, solitute and morbidity.

The credit belongs to the hard working bands whom i thank for sharing with us (the public) their creativity and inspirations through the narrrow passage of music giving us all the chance to appreciate and enjoy.

Posted on September 21st, 2012

Saturdays now feature a new edition to the line-up with "Cryptophalic Putridities" due to go out weekly (10 am PST | 12 pm CST |11 am MST | 1 pm EST)

"CRYPTOPHALIC PUTRIDITIES" is all about sheer utter brutality: DJ George Shiber specializes primarily in Brutal Death Metal, Slam Death Metal, Bru-Tech Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal, OSDeath Metal, Deathgrind, Grindcore, and Black Metal. He will even play some Thrash, and B/TDeathcore, but his musical library is complete with all metal genres in it, so on demand or requests, almost every genre/sub-genre of metal can be played.

Every "Cryptophalic Putridities" Show on C.o.D Radio will announce the latest news from the metal 'world', the latest releases, play tracks from the latest releases in above mentioned genres, announce concerts dates and bands on the bill and review and recommend metal albums on his show every week. Come check us out!

Posted on September 20th, 2012

Friday nights just got a little better with latest edition to the line-up, "Freakshop USA", which is due to go out weekly (3 pst | 5 cst | 6 est)  Jesse will deliver the best mixes influential to himself or his various side projects (Morbid Wizard | The Disease Concept | Sollubi | Pennsylvania Connection, 3 Input Woman, etc..)

He will play anything from sludge, doom, stoner, classics, psychedelic, hardcore, and whatever the fuck he feels like it, I would imagine. No holds barred. The show will feature interviews, appearances by fellow musicians, and friends ready to shoot the shit and spread the word. First and foremost, the highlight is definitely the tunes, as Jesse knows what the fuck is up. Join us for this special debut this Friday night and help us welcome him to the Core of Destruction Radio family!

Posted on September 19th, 2012

Core of Destruction Radio presents a night with Mike IX in care of "Stoned Insanity." Mike will be DJ'ing his own playlist as well as sharing stories about the tours he has been on with his many projects (Eyehategod | Outlaw Order | Arson Anthem | The Guilt Øf..).

It has been about a year since we have had him on the show! The coolest thing about it is that he likes it so much he will be doing "Southern Nihilism Front Radio" more often, playing his favorite bands, interviews, spoken word, and whatever he wants. So, do not miss this special event!

WEDNESDAY: September 19th, 2012 - 6 PST | 8 CST | 9 EST

Come to the chat or listen in at any of these links:
Make sure to spread the word, 'cause  Mike IX + C.o.D Radio = A great fucking time! BRANG IT!

Posted on September 12th, 2012

Core of Destruction Radio proudly welcomes back "Dethroned Intoxication" with Ryan Mckern, which originally debuted here on CoD in early 2010. Ryan plays anything from industrial, black, old school, southern, blues, crust, thrash and whatever strikes the mood. You can even hear live impersonations during his set.

His show is set to go on air tonight at  5 pst | 7 cst | 8 est - following a regularly weekly airing every Wednesday from -  4 pst | 6 cst | 7 est. Tune in tonight right before "Stoned Insanity" and come check us out in the chat room, as I'm sure Ryan is more than happy to take requests. We are definitely happy to have him back on the team as his show kills faces, and he knows his shit!

Posted on August 28th, 2012

Founded by Lizardmessiah and Grave, Core of Destruction Radio launched August 2nd, 2010. We have a collective of international DJs who cover genres from thrash, doom, industrial, black, power, heavy, traditional, sludge, death, powerviolence, hardcore, grind, punk, crust and everything else in between.

We would like to thank our dedicated DJs, loyal listeners, and affiliates for sticking with us through the years to make CoD Radio what it is today. Our station has been dedicated to playing music deemed unworthy elsewhere and the passion remains! We hope to destroy the airwaves for years to come.. thanks for all the support and helping us grow! 

Posted on August 27th, 2012

Monday nights just got a little better with "Out of Bounds", a new show hosted by the one we all know and love, Bobby Paranoize. Every Thursday we get a huge serving of metal and punk from the Southern states from this man on "Paranoize Radio", well Bobby is ready to mess your head up with whatever he feels like spinning from all over the world! Join us every Monday at 8 cst | 9 est here on CoD Radio for tunage that knows no bounds. Check it out tonight to experience a very special hurricane edition of "Out of Bounds" ... as long as you still have electricity!