Southern Nihilism Front Radio: Episode IIII
Posted on May 31st, 2013

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WEDNESDAY: June 26th, 2013 - 6 PST | 8 CST | 9 EST

Core of Destruction Radio presents: SNF RADIO - Episode IIII with Mike IX, which is due to go out Wednesday, June 26th. Mike will be playing his favorite bands, interviews, spoken word, as well as sharing stories about the tours he has been on with his many projects. Mike will also spin his favorite tracks as well!

(Eyehategod | Outlaw Order | Arson Anthem | The Guilt Øf..). So, do not miss this special event!

"Disorder, Broken Thoughts and Failed Opportunities for Your Never Ending Annoying Society!!!"

Official Mike IX Website

Make sure to spread the word, 'cause  Mike IX + C.o.D Radio = A great fucking time! BRANG IT!

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