*NEW SHOW* "Infernal Obliteration" w| Spitel
Posted on October 23rd, 2012

Core of Destruction Radio presents "Infernal Obliteration", which will go out every Tuesday evening ar 2 pst | 4 cst | 5 est. DJ Spitel debuts tonight on the station with her 3-hour set. A session solely dedicated to black metal to promote and support artists and their work.

Featuring the best of black metal underground from all over the globe.
covering all subgenres from raw, brutal, ambient, atmospheric, avant-garde, dsbm, pagan, viking, symphonic, melodic, to blackened death, and of course including blackened thrash for those kicks of adrenaline.

Bringing to you an atmospheric alchemy of sound to pique all your senses with it's infernal chaos, slaughtering destruction, darkness, desolation, coldness, dreaminess, among subjects of folklore & myhtology, nature, solitute and morbidity.

The credit belongs to the hard working bands whom i thank for sharing with us (the public) their creativity and inspirations through the narrrow passage of music giving us all the chance to appreciate and enjoy.

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