A Few Show Times Updates!
Posted on May 13th, 2012

Before getting into the Show Times Update, All of us here at Core of Destruction Radio would like to wish everyone a very happy Mother's Day. Hope you all enjoy this special day with your loved ones, and specially with all of our mothers.
Weather they are physically here with us or not.
With that being said and done. We now move to our main subject here. The Admins at Core of Destruction Radio have been doing a bit of re-scheduling of the shows/podcasts.
Let's start things off with Saturdays: "CoD Movie Night" w| DJ Tripidy7 will now be airing at 9pm EST | 8pm CST | 7pm MST | 6pm PST
"The Electric Lounge" w| DJ Cheesus will be airing at
11pm EST | 10pm CST | 9pm MST | 8pm PST
"Cankle Sprainage" w| DJ Teabag Stallone stays on the same time-slot.
In Addition, "In Noise We Crust" is now part of the Wednesday line-up.
"In Noise We Crust" w| DJ Grave will be airing twice a month (meaning every other week).
@ 8pm EST | 7pm CST | 6pm MST | 5pm PST
"Mari's Cauldron" w| DJ Mari will stay on the same time-slot. (every other week)
"Stoned Insanity" w| DJ Lizardmessiah will also stay on the same time-slot that day.
All of these changes can be found on the updated Core of Destruction Radio "Show Schedule" Calendar on our webpage. To view full schedule click on the link below.

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CherrysThorne - May 13th, 2012 at 8:34 AM
Awesome !!! Mondays with CherrysThorne at 10pm EST stays the same with Metal Trip Show :)

Tuesdays @ 10pm stays the same with The DarkEnd Metal Radio Show with CherrysThorne


and...Happy Mothers Day to all our fans, their mom's and my very own mom ~ Joan
Grave - May 13th, 2012 at 8:44 AM
Happy Mother's Day to you Cherrysthorne! Have lovely day! :)
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