Posted on March 13th, 2012

As many know I made the decision a few months ago to stop Ungovernable Resistance, which was my punk hc radio show/blog. The main reasons were due to elitism, judgemental attitudes and close minded behaviour that are sadly common place in all scenes.

I have always placed more importance on helping genuine people regardless of culture and musical style.

Since stopping Ungovernable Resistance I continued with DIY Radio, but mainly concentrating on UG Hip Hop and Drum n Bass. Sure I have aired some punk/hc shows under the new Inner Equilibrium name, but something was missing.

In truth I've had to take a long break from punk/hc to get my thoughts together and rediscover my focus again.
I'm proud of my work that I did with Ungovernable Resistance & it was a tireless effort to give the DIY community its own show that had a grass roots feel.

Recently I started to chat with long standing friends and new mates about returning with a punk/hc radio show to gather some feedback. I have no interest to be placed in any regressive click or group just so that I may brag how 'real' or 'true' I am in-order to look the most authentic. Stupid herd like behaviour that just makes me laugh and causes division.

The feedback I have received has meant a lot to me especially with it originating from a mixture of backgrounds including punks, metalers, hip hoppers, and general diy supporters. The common theme raised was 'bring back Ungovernable Resistance'.

I did plan to name the new punk/hc show 'Stressed Out' lol, but I and others feel good positive work can be achieved with UR such as before. So I have decided to once again return with Ungovernable Resistance. I have a fire and energy burning in me as fierce as ever when I first started DIY Radio.

A few elitist idiots that have no idea of the type of person I really am will not stop me from promoting the values I hold dear to heart. Therefore, I place emphasis on DIY as a whole and not just one genre. Elitist cult like behaviour can be found in all scenes and I'm not the only individual who has grown tired of it.

As always I will support genuine people regardless of music style and culture.

Inner Equilibrium DIY collective announces that Ungovernable Resistance will return soon, and remember its "People not scenes!"

More information and details posted in due time.


DJ Resistance.

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